Ege Vitrifiye bathrooms are designed for those who want to change the atmosphere of their bathroom with its sculptural timeless form. Each WC pan, bidet and washbasins from Ege Vitrifiye   series complement each other functionally and aesthetically, the lines on the product add movement to the bathroom. 

Pans of certain series are completed with a hygienic-based rimless design and soft close -cover. There are two types of washbasins, with tap hole and without hole, both of which can be easily positioned on the counter.

Few of Ege Vitrifiye designs have won the prestigious European Product Design Award. A testament of EGE’s attention to beauty and functionality. Ege Vitrifiye’s carry International certification from European and World standards, besides TSE certificate, it has NF of France, TÜVRheinland of Germany, KIWA of Netherlands, WATERMARK of Australia.

Zahi Trading is pleased to supply your project with Ege Vitrifiye bathroom products. Please contact us for inquiry, order and, prices. 

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