Self Closing . Self Saving

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MCM self closing taps are 100% made in Italy using innovation and technology with two aims in mind: quality and simplicity. MCM taps are design specifically for public use, special requirements and needs. They are used in schools, universities, hospitals, stadiums, airports, land, marine, from light to heavy duty applications. 

Product Categories 

Over nine categories encompasses MCM’s various taps, fittings, and accessories. Project planners, managers, contractors and MEP specialist can choose from:

Adjusting taps
  • Closing time regulation:
    • with standard pre-set cartridge (3-25 seconds)
    • with adjustable cartridge (by the customer) (0-40 seconds)
  • Flow regulation (optional)
  • Temperature regulation

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Taps Types

  • Basin
  • Wall 
  • Pedal (foot operated)
  • Lever
  • Showers
  • Electronic (taps, flushing)
  • Thermostatic
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Flowmeter
  • Kids
  • Urinal
  • Miscellaneous


All MCM taps are tested before delivery. Self-closing taps have a 15 years warranty or up to 1.000.000 working cycles for the parts not subject to human interaction.

The flush valves have a 5 year warranty. The electronic taps and thermostatics progressives warranty extends to 2 years only. The warranty covers manufacturing defect only.

MCM products are tested and certified by many prominent laboratories and organisations around the globe.

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