Used by architectural firms, engineers, designers, and interior designers

Zahi Trading supplies POLYGROUP access floor systems. POLYGROUP is an international manufacturing company founded in Spain in 1975 and is currently a benchmark for innovation in the flooring industry, manufacturing high tech raised access floor solutions under the GAMAFLOR brand.

POLYGROUP is part of projects in more than 60 countries. It is used by architectural firms, engineers, designers, and interior designers due to its optimal and updated perspective of the technological needs of the sector.

Constant investment in research and development ensures that the entire range of products maintains its high-performance level in projects with higher levels of demand. 

The company’s continuous innovation, the high production level, and the flexibility in the conception of solutions will guarantees the ideal product for your investment.

Why choose Polygroup raised access floor?

  • Free basement to hide services and facilities.
  • Cost savings and energy efficiency.
  • Flexibility to make changes in distribution
    of areas and facilities.
  • Improved aesthetics and safety levels.
  • Ease in maintenance.
  • Sustainable product.
  • Finished product with a great variety of coatings.

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